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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Could the Baltic Dead Zones Be Brought to Life?

Written by , on December 27, 2008

Seven of the world’s ten largest ocean dead zones – totalling 100,000 square kilometres – are in the Baltic Sea. The more saline (and therefore denser) water remains on the bottom of the Sea, isolating it from surface waters and the atmosphere. This leads to decreased oxygen concentrations within the zone. As a result mainly […]  Read more »

Which to Choose – Pine or Plastic?

Written by , on December 23, 2008

Fake Christmas trees may well be more convenient than real ones and they certainly last longer – but, considering that we throw away real trees after a couple of weeks but re-use fake ones, how do they compare in their impact on the environment? A Canadian company called Ellipsos has released a study of the […]  Read more »

Revolutionary New Vehicle Power Source

Written by , on December 20, 2008

A revolutionary new power source, claimed to easily outperform all conventional engines, is to be demonstrated worldwide next week. The technology, developed by K Kringle Inc, is claimed to be able to power a vehicle at 5,800 kilometres per second for a period of up to 24 hours. This would allow the vehicle to visit […]  Read more »

How Many New Yorkers Will It Take to Change All the Lightbulbs?

Written by , on December 20, 2008

The New York Department of Transportation has contracted a lighting design group, the Office of Visual Interaction, to trial LED street lighting. If the trial is successful, the city intends to replace all of its 300,000 street lights The contract includes the complete redesign of lamp posts – with the new ones having dedicated channels […]  Read more »

Electric Car Plans Faltering – Except in China

Written by , on December 19, 2008

Think Global, the innovative Norwegian electric car company, has temporarily halted production of its City urban runabout and laid off half its workforce as it considers a sale to survive the credit crisis. Think CEO Richard Canny said “We have started an emergency shutdown to protect our capital and our brand. We’ll need a new […]  Read more »

First Commercial Tidal Energy System on Full Power

Written by , on December 19, 2008

A tidal turbine near the mouth of Strangford Lough in Northern Ireland has begun producing electricity at full capacity for the first time. The SeaGen system is generating 1.2MW, the highest level of power produced by a tidal system anywhere in the world, and is claimed to be the first truly commercial ocean tidal system […]  Read more »

New Font Designed to Save Ink

Written by , on December 18, 2008

A Dutch company, Spranq, has come up with a novel and free way of slashing printer ink costs – by developing a font with holes in it. The creators of the “Ecofont” took their inspiration from the holes in Dutch cheese and aim to cut down on the amount of ink used when printing documents […]  Read more »

Coal Reserves May Be Overestimated

Written by , on December 18, 2008

Dave Rutledge, chair of the California Institute of Technology’s Engineering and Applied Sciences Division, has produced a new calculation of the world’s coal reserves which is much lower than previous estimates. According to Professor Rutledge’s model, the total amount of available coal, including all of the coal already mined, is only 662 billion tonnes. In […]  Read more »

Road to Generate Electricity from Traffic

Written by , on December 18, 2008

Isreali engineers are about to begin testing a stretch of road containing piezoelectric crystals that produce electricity when squeezed, enabling them to harvest some of the energy which vehicles lose to the environment during their journeys. The system is expected to produce up to 400 kilowatts from a 1 kilometre stretch of dual carriageway. The […]  Read more »

Mercedes BlueZERO Electric Concept Cars

Written by , on December 18, 2008

Mercedes-Benz has developed a modular design that can accommodate a gas-electric, battery electric or hydrogen fuel-cell drivetrain in a compact five-seater it calls Concept BlueZero. Mercedes says BlueZero allows it to easily embrace “electromobility” in three ways: the E-Cell – a battery electric vehicle with a range of about 200 kilometres; the E-Cell Plus – […]  Read more »