In announcing plans for the UK to spend £100 billion pounds ($au207 billion) on renewable energy over the next 12 years, British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, said "This is a green revolution in the making. It will be a tenfold increase on our current deployment of renewables, and a 300% increase on our existing plans: the most dramatic change in our energy policy since the advent of nuclear power."

The comprehensive, 289-page strategy calls for the installation of seven million solar panels; a 90 per cent increase in the use of ground source heat pumps, 3,500 onshore wind turbines and 7,000 offshore generating around a third of the UK’s electricity and biomass power plants fueled by waste and timber capable of providing six per cent of electricity.

The strategy also outlines how the government plans to remove all of the planning and technical barriers that have hampered renewable energy projects to date. The Ministry of Defence has already been instructed to drop its opposition to wind farms.

The Government expects that the strategy will create 160,000 green-collar jobs and reduce carbon emissions by 20 million tonnes per annum by 2020. In the longer term, the UK is aiming for zero carbon emissions from power generation by 2050.